An Offer of Hope


Are you a combat veteran of the wars in Afghanistan/Iraq? If so, I thank you for your service to your country and for your sacrifice on behalf of myself and my family and this nation. 

Do you, however,  struggle with side effects from your service, such as Post Traumatic Stress? Are your personal relationships characterized by brokenness and withdrawal? Do emotions such as hurt, anger, fear, dread and despair resonate with you? 

If I were to ask you to characterize the status of your emotions, would the diagram below accurately describe it?

CAUTION: If you are having suicidal thoughts, get off this website immediately. Call the VA at 1-800 273-8255. And when things have settled, come back and visit us again. 


The Wounded Veterans Project is a mission to reach out to veterans whose minds, bodies and very identity have been impacted by war... with a study of identity. This study can be tailored by the veteran  to best meet his/her personal needs. 

 How important is the issue of identity? I submit it is huge. In similar studies, not dealing with veterans and PTSD, the following results were recorded as a percentage of improvement in these areas:
Study #
Pilot #1
Pilot #2
Pilot #3

Furthermore, I have taught this body of study to 3 individual men over the past 4 years as a discipleship ministry and been struck by the favorable impact that it has had on their emotional outlook. Finally I can personally attest that this book has been an invaluable part in my life during a period of personal brokenness.

This study is not psychological in nature...though it's author Neil Anderson is a psychologist. Nor is it psychiatric in nature. It is, instead, a study of relationship between man and mankind and man and God. It is vital to me that you understand that I am neither a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or an ordained pastor and that I am not "treating" you medically in these disciplines. 

Take a look at that brain illustration above. Jesus Christ said "I have come that they may have life...and have it to the full." Question: How does Jesus' statement in John 10:10 square up with that brain image above. Somebody is whacked: either Jesus Christ is a liar, or that brain didn't understand what it needs desperately to understand. That is what this study is about, for Jesus Christ is not a liar. 

So...what is it that I bring to the table?

Identity...a firsthand knowledge of the importance of personal identity. Who am I? Strip away everything from name, my wife, my kids, my career, my home, money, cars, looks...everything. Who am I then? The same person I am right now. I am a child of the Living God!  His kid! Completely accepted by God, absolutely secure in my relationship with God and eternally significant to God...not for any work that I have done...but because of the cross and my trusting in the work of the Sent One.   

Brokenness... I had that message pounded into me through pain and travail such that even I got it. I know what it is like to live without hope and to have that hope...and my family restored. I  have had to learn, first hand, the power of identity and what flows from that acceptance.

And if it helped me...can it not possibly help you?

Resources... A body of study, Victory Over the Darkness,  that is instrumental in teaching these "identity truths"...truths that are true not because I'm a "good person" or because I "do good deeds"...but identity truths that are true because God says they are true about me. And God is not a liar. God has laid this mission, a recovery mission,  on me. I didn't ask for it...but I have been prepared for it. In due time I hope to be able to add layers of volunteers willing to come alongside you - the veteran - in this study. That project is called the "Barnabas Project" and you will find details on this site as it develops. Additionally I will be seeking to make contact with churches throughout the nation willing to host small groups of veterans meeting on their premesis.

But you have to connect. You have to own the issue, you have to determine that you need hope and want to receive it. And you do that by following the "Next Steps" found below.